Have your demolition work estimated for free by Force Demolition

Valuation of your demolition work

Do you want to know what the prices are for demolishing your greenhouse, or other buildings? Force Demolition estimates reliable and free of charges. Reliable enough, that even a valuation immediately counts as a quotation! This valuation not only provides certainty about the costs. But also about any earnings: what are the materials still worth in sales? The planning and the costs of the demolition will also be given in black and white.

Valuation from a distance

Force Demolition also estimates from a distance. Photos of your autographs and a description in combination with Google Earth usually give a 95% clarity. The only reservation we make is the pipe system underground. A cone penetration test or operators can remove this vagueness.

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Free quotation

With our free quotation, you have a reliable document for future developments. Informative for your own reconstruction plans, discussions with governments, policy plans, but also for banks and other lenders.

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