A young and innovative company, but with 40 years of experienceForce Demolition is a young company, but with years of experience. The foundation for that experience has been established in 1975, with activities in the cash register. Since then, we have broadened our working area. Renovation of office buildings, care institutions, shops and shopping centers is our responsibility. Not only in the Netherlands, but also in Europe. And commissioned by entrepreneurs, real estate managers, house owners, institutions and local authorities.

We are convinced that many buildings deserve a second life, and many buildings are in such good condition that total demolition is not necessary.

We see the cradle to cradle approach that we support with more and more developers and authorities.

No project is too big or too small

We supply soil clean, and we strip the buildings up to the hull. A greenhouse complex of a few hectares, a shopping center of thousands of square meters or a hobby greenhouse of a private person: we never feel too big or too small for anything. And with an efficient and innovative way of working, the demolition costs remain market-conform.

Reliable from the beginning to the end

We work together with you in a pleasant and professional way. That is why we do everything we can to finish a project to everyone's satisfaction. Our approach is transparent, lines are short, you can rely on appointments. It is not uncommon for the turnaround times to be extremely short and that the data for new buildings are already fixed. Are we encountering an unexpected problem? We will immediately look for a solution.

Of course we take into account all regulations, especially those relating to the environment. We take the communication with local residents and the environment seriously. We limit dust and noise nuisance to an absolute minimum. A specialist partner stands stand-by for buildings with asbestos. Unburdening is of primary importance.

Work responsibly

Because of the central management of the projects and the good cooperation with our partners, the client has only one point of contact. With this method we can not only process all materials responsibly, we are decisive, flexible, within budget and on time. Our staff and the staff of our partners are VCA certified, machines are inspected and employees are trained.

Years of experience in the greenhouse demolition

The foundation for the experience has been laid in 1975

Monitor the entire process

We lodge everything to monitor the entire process: not only employees with experience, but also all the materials and equipment and own freight transport. This allows us to switch quickly. Working safely has the highest priority at Force Demolition. That is why we are VCA certified and do not take any risks. Machines are regularly inspected, employees are trained.

We would like to invite you to a meeting at our special location in Naaldwijk. An appointment at your address or at the demolition project is also possible. Force Demolition loves personal contact and they would like to get to know you and your organization. Together, we come to a suitable solution for your wishes concerning demolition work

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